iROVA XR510A Robot Vacuum Rechargeable robotic vacuum cleaner with UV sterilising function to kill germs and bacteria. Sweeps, mops, and vacuums with auto-cleaning and auto-charging function. Equipped with sensors to avoid falling off stairs and being stuck in tight spaces. Remote control to operate device wirelessly. Comes with auto-charging station, space isolator, filter, dust brush, mop, and more.
Weight: 3.5kg
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I-ROVA XR510A Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Efficient Cleaner


Auto Vacuum, Sterilize and Dry Mop All-in-One

Four stage cleaning:

Powerful twin main brushes for efficient cleaning (hair, dirt, paper pieces etc)

Suction motor & filter to clean fine dust

Dry mopping below machine

Side Brush for cleaning corners and edges

UV lamp for sterilization


Multiple front collision sensors of 160 degrees

Collision sensors allow NON-contact obstacle navigation (no more scratched furniture)

Sensor for stairs falling avoidance

Auto-charging feature when low battery

3 Modes : Auto, Spot & Charge

Pre-set charging time to operate at specific time and day

Wireless remote controller to select speed, time, docking, and timing cleaning

Low noise emission

Easy cleaning design


Product Specifications :

Model : I-ROVA XR510A

Colour : Silver

Dimension : 32cm x 8.7cm

Dustbin capacity : 0.34L

Battery capacity : 2,200mA

Operational time : Up to 100 minutes

Charging time : 4 - 5 hour

Warranty : (1) year for machine, (6) month for battery


Package Includes :

1 x I-ROVA XR510A (w/ Side Brush & Filter)

1 x Rechargeable Battery (pre-installed)

1 x Power Adaptor / Charger

1 x Auto Charging Station

1 x Space Isolator (batteries NOT included)

1 x Remote Controller (batteries NOT included)

1 x Trailing Bar w/ Mop Cloth

1 x Spare Side Brush

1 x Spare Filter

1 x Spare Mop Cloth

User Manual & Cleaning Tools

iROVA XR510A Robot Vacuum